In line with this, the hospital is committed to:

• Our mission is to provide personalized, safe, and effective healthcare that embraces the whole person and the communities we serve.

• Utilize cutting-edge medical equipment and tools for optimal patient care and management.

• Our objective is to ensure a consistent and sustainable growth of investments made by the founders and shareholders, which will be achieved through responsible financial management practices and strategies.

• Our goal is to establish fair and mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers and other business partners to ensure continuous business opportunities for all parties involved.

• Ensure staff growth and development for a compassionate, competent workforce.

• As a responsible corporate citizen, it is crucial to prioritize contributing to economic growth, supporting youth development, and caring for the environment.


MarDocs is committed to being at the forefront of delivering an exceptional hospitel care experience that meets international standards. The term "hospitel" was coined as a combination of "hospital" and "hotel" to signify the founders' vision of fusing the ambiance and services of a hotel with the medical care provided in a medium-sized hospital in the country.


​​Although the hospital is not yet certified as a green hospital, it has taken some steps towards becoming more environmentally friendly. For instance, the hospital has implemented a policy of not using mercury-laden equipment such as blood pressure (BP) apparatus and thermometers. Additionally, it has a proper sewage treatment facility and waste segregation area to limit biohazards. Through a waste segregation program, the hospital is able to sell used materials for recycling. Future plans include adding plants to the roof deck and the atrium, and creating mini gardens in the center of the building. The water used in the Dialysis unit comes from a reverse osmosis (RO) plant is sterile and distilled, and can be re-used for other purposes like in autoclaving.        


The hospital is located beside the Marikina River and in close proximity to the Valley Fault Line, which runs from Dingalan, Aurora in the north to the cities of Quezon, Marikina, Pasig, Makati, Parañaque, Taguig, and the provinces of Laguna and Cavite.

Considering these factors, the founders took extra precautions when constructing the hospital building. A triple-A-rated construction company was hired to build the hospital, and 248 driven piles were used to anchor the building to the ground. The steel used in the construction was imported from South Korea, and the building is built to withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake. To protect expensive equipment and machines in case of severe flooding, the lobby, emergency room, and diagnostic areas are one story higher than the road level, and an elevated ramp was provided for access to these areas. It is worth noting that no flooding has occurred in the area since typhoon Ondoy.

The hospital is equipped with a fire alarm system and compartmentalized water sprinklers that only activate in the areas where they are needed. CCTV cameras are installed throughout the building for the safety of patients, guests, and employees, as well as for securing the premises and properties of the hospital. Additionally, a standby generator has been installed to provide backup power in case of an outage.


MarDocs aims to provide a seamless healing experience, blending top-notch healthcare with soothing amenities to promote relaxation and wellness for all patients and guests.

                                    C – Customer Focus
                                    H – Holistic
                                    R – Respect
                                    I – Innovation
                                    S – Service Excellence
                                    T – Teamwork


The hospital's goal is to become the primary healthcare provider for the following communities: Santolan, Dela Paz, and Manggahan in Pasig City; Industrial Valley, Calumpang, and Barangka in Marikina City; and Libis, Blueridge A, and Blueridge B in Quezon City.​
According to the 2015 national census conducted by the Philippine Statistics Agency (,ph), the combined population of these barangays is 224,191. Our hospital primarily serves these barangays, but we also provide healthcare services to the nearby municipalities of Cainta and Antipolo City. Additionally, our hospital receives patient referrals from as far as San Mateo, Rodriguez, and Taytay, Rizal, especially for ICU admissions.



​  We are Philhealth accredited and the following major Health Maintenance Organizations:


The hospital is situated on a 2200 m2 lot along Evangelista St. in Santolan, Pasig City. It is conveniently located near Marcos Highway and the Santolan LRT station, making it ideal for a medical tour and consultation today!

The hospital can be reached via private cars and public tricycles that travel around the Santolan area. Additionally, the hospital is conveniently located near the LRT line 2, with the train station just a stone's throw away. There is also a road network at the back of the hospital which provides easy access.

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Marikina Doctors Hospital and Medical Center, Inc. (MarDocs) was previously known as Medcor Pasig Hospital and Medical Center. It is a privately owned hospital envisioned to have 100 beds, established by a group of specialist doctors and businessmen with extensive experience in hospital building and management. The hospital has a floor area of more than 14,000 m² and an 8-story building with a roof deck. It opened to the public on August 1, 2016, and operates at 50% of its capacity, with 50 beds in operation.


​​The hospital offers diagnostic procedures not available at nearby level II hospitals, including a 64-slice CT scan, Stress Echocardiography, and a fully automated microbiology unit.